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  • Language Translations / Web Sites
  • From: katalina chill, January 08, 2008

this is free text translation if you're pretty good with language.

    From: Peter J Macay, March 3, 2008

I really like   It's free and does a great job, has a great thesaurus too!

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  • Landlord / Tenant Dispute Attorney
  • From: Veronica Salvetti, May 4, 2009

Re: I am currently facing a major dispute with my landlord for my dpto. in Palermo. I am looking for any referals for a reputable and affordable attorney. Any assistance is greatly appreciated !!

This is the place to go ( Tenantīs Association )  they are super cheap and know what they do, you must speak Spanish or go with someone who does.

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  • Laptop Rentals
  • From: Sean, August 08, 2006

Check this link:

I have not used this service before but have rented phones from them though

    From: Sean, August 16, 2006  charges in BA 99 pesos + IVA = 121 pesos = us$40

Contact Francisco or Ignacio at phone rental 4311-2933

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  • Leather Goods / Stores and Area of the city where they are concentrated

It is common for stores of similar products to be grouped in different areas and neighborhoods of the city.  This is actually quite convenient when you need to buy something as you can hit lots of stores in a relatively concentrated area to compare shop.

You may purchase leather products in any of the numerous shops that line Florida street in Microcentro, or you can venture out a bit off the beaten path by going to the leather district in Villa Crespo. Take a cab to Scalabrini Ortiz and Murillo, or take Subte Line B to Malabia. The stores are mostly along blocks 500 and 600 of Murillo street and streets off there with about 30 stores within three blocks of each other. Here are some web sites to whet your interest; the first one has a useful map.    There are more shops than are displayed there.

    From: BANewComers, Pam July 7, 2005

Several of us former B.A. ex-pats, over the years, had many, many things made by Bettina Rizzi, and we were always satisfied.  She was good about amending models to suit our individual needs/wants; her prices reasonable/competitive; her quality excellent.  You can even take a picture from a magazine or catalogue of what you want, or draw/explain it, and they'll work till they come up with what you want.  For example, when I was visiting there awhile back, I wanted a simple, t-top type thing, in the "washable suede," and I just took one from my suitcase that was silk, and told them to duplicate it, which they did.  And, although she doesn't generally "advertise" the fact, she will accept payment via check on U.S. bank.  She does a lot of things for the airline personnel, who are in and out frequently, and also has an extensive clientele here in the U.S., for whom she travels here several times a year.  Several friends, who've traveled to B.A. since we returned over 3 years ago, have bought things from her, and all have been very pleased with their purchases and with the price(s) they paid. I, myself, have a closet full of her stuff, for which I always receive kudos when I wear it.  My husband, who is NOT a jacket man, has a couple of hers, and he does like and wear them.

Her shop/showroom is on Paraguay, just off Florida, across the street from the Florida Gardens confiteria, next door to the candy shop.  Tell her Pamela de la Fuente sent you, and she'll be especially accommodating.

Incidentally, Bettina and all the leather tailors down there are really suffering due to the comparatively inexpensive leather clothing (made in China - but then, isn't everything!) available in department stores here in the States nowadays.  But I've looked at it pretty closely, and you just can't compare the quality.

    From: BANewComers - Jessemhahn July 6, 2005

A & G leather  Av Santa Fe 1725  is the best, they make all custom stuff at very reasonable prices....

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  • Library / Lending Books in English
  • From: dana depp, January 08, 2008

Try the British Arts Center, Suipacha 1333.  I'm not sure if they still have their lending library but it was in operation in 2005.  It was located on the second floor of the building.

    From: Brenden, January 09, 2008

Check out ICANA. They took over the Lincoln library a few years ago, and for a fee you can check books out. There is one in Centro on Maipu and another in Belgrano.

    From: South American Explorers, January 08, 2008

The South American Explorers (SAE) Clubhouse located in San Telmo maintains an excellent library of English- and Spanish-print books ranging from fiction to history to travel stories. Additionally, we have a book exchange where you are welcome to swap your books for ours.

For anyone who is interested, SAE is a member-run, non-profit organization. We act as resource center and hub for independent travelers. Feel free to stop on by or check us out on the web:   We're located at Estados Unidos 577 (between Bolivar and Peru).

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  • Lighting Lamp Stores

I was having a hard time finding fixtures I liked (I'm really picky), and the architects suggested a few places to check out. I found "Casa Rago Iluminacion" on my own, Juncal 1259, 4811-0342/0081 because it's near my home and I spotted it on my way home one day. This is where I got most of our bathroom lights and wall sconces, they have a really large selection of different types of lights for such a modest sized store. The wall sconces we used in almost every room are a very simple design and blend unnoticed into the wall but provide wonderful indirect lighting.

"Griscan Iluminacion" has a large store on Av. Raul S. Ortiz 99, 4855-3411. The architects told us about this one, they have another branch in the city (maybe more) but this store is large and has a nice large selection. I was having a really hard time picking the dining room fixture when I saw this very fun contraption that goes up and down on a pulley system, it also expands out on the horizontal bar so it can get longer. This is great when we expand out the dining room table so you can "lift and grow" the light to fit the larger table. VERY FUN! Unfortunately it's imported from Italy so a guest almost sprayed wine across the table as she was taking a sip when I told her how much it cost.

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  • Linens / Bedding / Sheets / Blankets
  • From: unaportena, August 07, 2006

Falabella has some pretty cool designs. I just purchased a very cozy quilt there. double size for 120 pesos. It was worth the hassle of going downtown.

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  • Locksmith
  • From: alexandratsalas, August 31, 2006

We had the great pleasure to be referred a wonderful locksmith by the name of Carlos. His shop is in Palermo Soho on Nicaragua 4940. Carlos is a great person. He DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH -- but he is the salt of the earth. 100% trustworthy family man with long roots in Palermo Viejo. Even if you don't speak SPanish, you should ask a bilingual friend to call Carlos -- he is the best.  Mobile: 1557095345 Phone: 4776-5161 

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