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  • Ombudsman for Tourists
  • From: Nancy, August 16, 2006

The government of Buenos Aires has a Tourist Ombudsman for reporting problems that may occur between tourists and local businesses:

    From: Carla Horton, August 17, 2006

You may conmtact Comisaría del turista
AV. Corrientes 436
Telephone 0800 999 5000  / 43465748

They may have reports of similar cases and They may be after this taxi.  I have been told they have been helpful in the  past. Staff speak several languages

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  • One thing you wish you brought with you but didn't
  • From the BANewComers list April 4, 2005

The question was asked, "What was the one thing you wished you brought down with you to Argentina?"  Of course, there is no ONE thing, so here's a smattering of replies.

  • Nyquil cold relief medicine, there is nothing like it that I have found here for when you are sick
  • Bakers Bitter Sweet Chocolate - Ron finally found something similar, here they call it amargo
  • Pet concentrated milk which is not sweetened condensed
  • Sweetened flaked coconut
    • These are all ingredients for my German Chocolate cake I get once a year on my BDay (made from scratch by Ron, it's to DIE for!)

  • Funny Karin mentioned ranch dressing, we also bring Hidden valley ranch dressing in those dry packets.
  • Knorr dry soup mixes like leek and onion for making party dips, my Argentine friends go crazy over the simple dips made with these and mendi creme which have been standard at every USA party for 15 years.
  • If you are REALLY particular about your shampoo or conditioner, you can find most major brands here but I can't find Finesse conditioner so it's another thing I pack
  • Betty Crocker dry Pie Crust mix (sssssssh, this is Ron's secret pie crust)
  • "Bounce" fabric softener dryer sheets (cloth dryers are not that common here) since we can't find something similar here.
  • Listerine Strips!  I love these things and so do all my Argentine friends, I love saying "stick your tongue out" and putting one on their tongue!  This would be a good pick up technique for single folks!
  • Gift wrapping paper, ribbons, bows
  • hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff on top! I brought back jars of that stuff in my suitcase! Yum!
  • Bush's Baked Beans
  • Vegie meats (fun keeping those cold on the plane ride!!)
  • maple syrup - Some have found maple syrup at Jumbo, but it’s hit and miss
  • Mexican herbs/spices
  • barbecue sauce (for the baked beans!)
  • corn tortillas
  • Butterscotch schnapps (you don't know what you are missing till it's gone!)
  • Reese's Peanut butter cups.
  • I'm thankful I brought a few small Persian scatter rugs--they sure can make a rented apartment feel like home, especially as I lived with them for 30 years.

From: Patricia Gilmore, January 1, 2008

  • powdered Gatorade
  • Renuzit or Febreze spray to freshen up clothing and sheets after smoky or smoggy days and environments. Someone should import that stuff. Beats doing laundry everyday.

From: Justin Martindale, January 1, 2008

  • electric toothbrush replacements, especially Sonicare brushes. They don't
    exist here.

From: Laura, January 02, 2008

  • good quality sheets and towels (especially flannel)
  • food coloring
  • I second Febreze
  • Enzymes to get rid of the smell from kitty or doggy peepee
  • dog squeaky toys
  • good cat toys
  • good quality pots and pans
  • knives
  • dryer sheet
  • push up bras or good maternity bras
  • organic baby items and non toxic toys
  • car seat (they are VERY expensive for a good quality one compared to
  • baby carriers
  • specialty books
  • kraft mac and cheese
  • hellmans mayo (what is in BA DOES taste different)
  • cheddar cheese
  • vitamins
  • Zicam
  • specialty spices - Goya, apple pie spice, pumpkin pie spice, Hidden
    Valley ranch packets, Mrs. Dash
  • From: Patricia Bennett, September 03, 2006

Are you thinking of business ideas for import/export? Don't know because my impression is a general adversity to change here. Otherwise for your personal comfort a few things come to mind. Would you believe they don't have salad dressing? Something I guess we take for granted. So in the grocery store where we would fill an aisle with dressings, here you see that space containing multifarious mate flavors. So I'd just pick up some Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, Lipton Onion soup mix, stock up on any Asian sauces and whatever non-perishables you use regularly. I would've brought Lawrey's salt for instance. The food quality is great but lacks variety and spice.  There is a good bit available in Chinatown around Juramento. Also there's the cheddar cheese issue on this list. I found excellent cheddar (albeit expensive) and it is exactly what you expect it to be at Franco Parma on Coronel Diaz and Guemes, not far from Bulnes/Alto Palermo. 

Also, make sure your technological needs are taken care of before moving. That stuff is much more expensive here.

    From: Laura Zurro, September 04, 2006

You can find salad dressing, it just depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. There won't be the huge choice that you have in the States for sure. Jumbo carries Paul Newmans dressings in their "international" section, as well as some German Thousand Island and a few others. I've also seen Paul Newmans at the China Mart in Belgrano's Barrion Chino. 

Asian sauces - Patricia which ones haven't you found. You can get most of the things that any good Chinese store carries in the States from the Chinese stores in Belgrano as well as a smaller choice at Jumbo, Norte, etc. I've also found hummus, tahini, falafal mix etc.   About the spicey part yes it's true, there is not as much spicy food here, but for instance if you have to have spicy mayo for your sushi, try a the thai red pepper sauce mixed with mayo, it's the closest thing I've found. 

and for technology, definately the selections are more and less expensive in the States than here.

Oh yea, and I DESPERATELY miss cottage cheese and plain yogurt.

this must be a timely subject as I just wrote a post in my blog about what I brought or what I or others miss from home :-)  

You can buy real flour tortillas, and complete taco packages at Jumbo as well as maple syrup. Honestly, although I find some things more expensive like maple syrup, when I really think about the prices it's not a HUGE amount more UNLESS you're living in pesos, but if you're still living in dollars the prices are passable.   If there's anyone out there who's thinking of coming here and is pregnant, you better buy your maternity clothes before you get here as the selection is thin here compared to the States. Also, bring lots of books to read, and sheets which for the price and selection in the States is better than here.   And yes, there's cheddar here, but a far cry from what we in the States are used to :-( I usually have people bring me a couple of bars of cheddar and also Hellmans mayo which although has the same name here, tastes completely different than in the States. Oh yea, and sadly I miss good old prepackaged Mac and Cheese from time to time (but then I am pregnant after all ;-))

    From: Natasha Abudarham, September 05, 2006

Jeez if I could start all over, I tell you I wouldnt have minded paying excess baggage thats for sure!!

Ok, my suitcase was filled to the brim with all the things I thought I would suitcase is actually half redundant!  This is mainly my fault because I hadn't really thought through the weather issue properly.  Yes I knew that it was cold but I still had images of being in sunny Latin America!  I didn't bring enough warm clother for a start and did bring too many vest tops and open toe shoes.  It will depend on the month you are arriving, so be sure to get on this website and ask what the weather is doing!

I didn't bring my mobile phone, thinking it would be cheaper and easier to buy one here...hey ho, wrong move!  Make sure you bring your own phone and you have it opened to other networks.  There has been some talk on here only last week about this subject, so you can check the archives.

I also didn't bring a lap top, my boyfriend did but it can get messy if we both want to use it at the same time.  I certainly wouldn't buy one over here and wouldn't recommend you to either.  Most if not all electrical goods should be brought with you!

The water is very hard here, my legs and hands have never been so dry, so if you have a favourite brand of body cream then make sure you bring lots of it and special shampoo and conditioner.

Foods, this is probably going to be very different for you as you are from Texas and I'm from Birmingham in UK.  I miss special K cereal, cereals here aren't that great unless you have a mega sweet tooth.  I miss bovril and marmite on my toast, dont know what your equivalent would be and I miss my vegetable oxo cubes!

To be honest, if you are moving country then you have to expect to not have your daily luxuries but hey it's great if you can!!

    From: Andy Watkins, September 05, 2006

Marmite is a yeast extract that is available in the UK.

It is famous for its adverts saying you either love it or hate it....

Its great on toast....   

    From: Frank E. Almeida, September 05, 2006

Good luck with your move. I have been here since 1999. My wife is Argentine so she already knew what things we needed to bring:

Get all your electronics over there. They are going to be much cheaper than in BA and you also don't have nearly as much to choose from over here. Also, look for places to buy appliances with 220v like refrigerators, washing machines, dryer. Whirlpool and GE are over here but if you are used to the big machines in the States your best bet would be to bring them here.

If you like spicy food then bring your spices. The food here is great it's just that they tend to eat mild flavored food. Just using black pepper on food could bring a local to reach for a glass of water and state that the food is too spicy.

At the time, we also stocked up on bedding like sheets and comforters. I think that now there might be some better quality stuff but when we came my wife was not going to leave the states without some good quality sheets. Since we have been stocked up we haven't gone out to look at this here.

If you have kids, toys are not so great here. You might want to buy some gifts ahead of time and have them hidden away until the appropriate time (birthdays, x-mas, etc.)

Oh, I almost forgot. If you are going to get a DVD you should get one that plays all the zones. DVD movies for purchase are cheaper here and if you are going to rent most places tend to have the local zoned discs. They also do carry multizone discs and some places even have zone 1 discs but if you don't have a multizone DVD player you are really limiting your options.

    From: Karin Hosenfeld, September 05, 2006

Say adios to your chips and salsa. You can make both, but it gets tiring after a while.

I'm very attached to my food items, so I think that was the hardest area for me. Anything flavored with peanut butter (reese's peanut butter cups!) and butterscotch (you'd be surprised at the cravings you get when it's not around) were big ones for me.

Some things I really missed while in BA:

Cajun food, cajun spices. Again, you can make it, but what's gumbo without the okra?

Tex-Mex food, refried beans, fresh tortillas, tomatillos, jalepenos

Cheddar cheese

Say goodbye to Yukon gold or red potatoes, red onions, seasonal blueberries and portabella mushrooms

Ranch dressing (take the dry packets though your options of what to mix it with aren't good)

Marshmallows for winter hot chocolate

American style barbeque sauce

Chocolate chips, brown sugar!!

Any special liquor that you like having around (Jose Cuervo anyone?)

Bush's baked beans

Corn flour for cornbread


(Some of the things you can take with you, but I highly recommend that if you like specialty items, you send them with your shipment. My suitcase each time I went back to the States was 85% food items).

I agree that you should BUY CLOTHING before you leave Texas. Unless you are a US size 5 or under.

Also, if you have kids, it's nice to have some holiday decorations that they don't have in Argentina. And, wrapping paper!! And, gift cards.

    From: Marcia Brown, September 05, 2006

You can find virtually all of the things you listed in either Jumbo or Walmart.  I have even purchased nacho chips!  There are refried beans and salsa.  You can find peanut butter, flour tortillas (Bimbo Rapitidas).  I've seen blueberries, portabellas and red onions.  I think I even saw bottled ranch dressing on a recent trip to WalMart.  What I have always asked visitors to bring me are mostly spices....cloves, garlic powder (although there is a form of it here), flavored coffees, chocolate syrup, graham crackers and molasses.  I've also found surprising things at some of the larger Coto's. 

    From: carrie leigh porcel, September 05, 2006

If you were contacts... bring cleaning solution as it is much cheaper in the States as are most over the counter/personal care type stuff.  Also the linens here are overpriced for the quality (or lack there of) as are the toys.  You can get most anything, it just might bring tears to your eyes as you pay sometimes triple the price than you would in the States. 

If you like fashion, you might not want to overdo it on clothes as you will probably be tempted by what they/we have locally... however note that a ladies size large here is a ladies 6 or 8 or in the states, so keep that in mind.

Good luck and eat lots of spicy food before you come!!

    From Cherie macfroggy, September 05, 2006

Yeah, fresh CORN tortillas! I can't live without my Lemon Pepper, and I really miss those flavored instant oatmeal packets. I miss most the variety of food you can buy all in one place, like Trader Joe's. Here you have to run all around to find the foods you want, especially if you eat healthy. Or try to.

I also miss all the convenient gadgets that make life a little easier--over-the-door hooks, closet organizers, duct tape for sure, wraps for sore muscles that you can microwave, electric toothbrush heads, even Elmer's glue. I am just SO American!

    From: Andy Watkins, September 06, 2006

Ahhhh Marmite!!!!!!!

I would agrea completly that the things I miss the most are foods.......I have just got married and made all my relatives bring me over the essentials....

Marmite, PG tips, Bisto Gravy, Mint Sauce etc.....

Also agree that its a good idea to bring over a laptop if you are going to use computers over here. My laptop is over 4 years old and is still better spec than the majority on sale here.

I brought 4 suitcases of clothes with me when i came and luckly had to pay nothing extra.But saying that you can get clothes here cheap.

    From: Pam pjfuente, September 05, 2006

I would add to your list - sweet pickle relish (for tuna salad) and I always bought and brought back the pre-cooked bacon (I know you're a vegetarian, but some of us gotta have our BLTs.)  It's not perfect, but it beats what's available in BA, and has the advantage of not needing refrigeration until it's opened.  Doesn't weigh much either, and easy to take it out of the boxes, & lay it among the clothing.  Also, I used to buy "good" kleenex, especially the ones with lotion, for when you have a nasty cold - took those out of the boxes & packed them flat, then just refilled boxes or holders.  And OTC meds and vitamins.  Otherwise, ditto to everything on your list.  And I, too, used to end up packing a lot on trips to the U.S. to take back, and frequently ended up paying the overweight baggage charge of - I think $85 - all to bring back a bunch of food and scented candles and other "stuff" one would think you could do without....until you have to.

    From: Marcella Thorson, September 06, 2006

I am in agreement with Karen - Yes you can find some of these items at Jumbo/Walmart but expensive - and probably not always available - If you are a baker - don't forget to bring in Baking Soda - they come in little bitty 1 oz packs - My thoughts are if you THINK you may need it bring it - I personally don't like the sponges here - so that is another thought - I lived in Cairo and some of the products here were also there - but I personally think it was easier to live and get things in Cairo - my friends are telling me all of what is on the market there - I have only been here one month so I am a little new to South America - but so far very nice - What part of Texas are you moving from - and PLEASE BRING IN SOME CLOTHES - don't forget evening wear etc.,  ---

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  • One week tour Itinerary Ideas

Here's our usual "Ron N Pete" one week tour itinerary.

Sat - Arrival, you're beat, let's take a walk around Recoleta, see the artist booths outside the Recoleta cemetery area which are open every Saturday and Sunday, grab some lunch at one of the outdoor cafés across from the cemetery on Junin street, take a nap.

Sun - Take the loud and screeching subway to San Telmo and Plaza Dorrego to see the antique fair, take a bus or taxi home, stop at a place for chopp beer and the trays of 7 sacred munchies (picados are little portions of peanuts, ham, cheese, olives, etc. usually served with chopp beer in the afternoon, if you don’t get them automatically, ask for some picados).  Walk to a local place for dinner.

Mon - Walk to Retiro train station (WOW, they did a great job restoring that place), take the train to the end of the B-Mitre line, about 25 minutes, Pick up the "Train de la Costa", get off at the San Isidro stop, check out the mall, go across the street to see the artists booths and church.  Then jump back on the train and continue to Tigre and take it to the end, hang a right and go to the marcado de frutas.  Walk back towards the train, continue on another few blocks till you hit the water deltas.  Take one of the hour boat rides in the delta, have a gin on tonic on the top, walk back and take the regular train home.

Tue - Hit some museums, maybe the MALBA and National Museum of the Arts on Libertador. 

Wed - Take a city tour which includes the Casa Rosada.  As you face the casa Rosada, on the right hand side is an entrance for tours.  There are 2 a day, some in English.  It is free and I enjoyed it a lot.  Walk down Av de Mayo to the Congreso building, stop along the way at that famous ancient café for a coffee.

Thurs - Walk to Florida street and down Lavalle, these are both pedestrian only shopping streets.

Fri - There are spas all over, relax with a facial, have your nails done, get an hour massage!  Visit a tango dinner show.  We went to Esquina Carlos Gardel which was outstanding


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  • Organic Produce / Poultry
  • From: okmoreno, December 5, 2009

Ordered and received the first delivery from Tallo Verde. I am not happy about their products or service.

Most of fruits look like from some supermarket's trash can. Is it what organic produce is all about?

At least when I was about to order, they were responsive to answer my questions. When I found most of strawberry was rotten, I tried to contact them to complain.

Not recommended to anyone.

    From: Delfy Andy, December 5, 2009

I'm a fan of Tallo Verde. I've been ordering consistently from them for the last year and have no complaints in terms of quality, variety or service, and the prices are appropriate. It's true that organic produce is often not as pretty as produce grown with pesticides and other chemicals....because it's organic. Nonetheless, I'd be interested to know of any other organic produce delivery, anybody have a recommendation?

    From: pataninba, December 6, 2009

i have used bosque organico for 3 years and am very happy: excellent products, excellent service and good prices.
they also do a lot of work w ngos and aboriginal communities
highly recommended!!!


    From: Meredith W. December 5, 2009

Ricon Organico.  Talk to Sergio or Maria.  Tel: 4777-5082.  This is an Organic Produce delivery service with a good selection of products.  Maria speaks English.

    From Frances Perry, October 08, 2006

My only complaint is that the veggies sent aren't always the best as they are sometimes old and over ripe. I wonder if we are getting the produce rejected by the exporters. Another organic delivery only in Bario Norte is   My friends who use them are very pleased with the quality of the produce.


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  • Organic Products / Stores / Restaurants / Delivery / Dieteticas
  • From: Victoria Anda, January 7, 2010

Where to buy organic products (something some people had asked a while ago......just in case it is of interest here goes...)


Home Delivery        
Alimentos ecológicos          
011- 4755 8819          
011 - 4752 1935            
Almacén Orgánico          
011 - 156 360 4153          
El Rincón Orgánico          
Castillo 695 (esq. Gurruchaga)        
011 - 47775082          


La Paz 1757 - Martínez          
011 - 4836 1373            


Jardín Orgánico          
011 - 4784 7363    

La Orgánica          
011 - 4911 7601          
011 - 4912 1538           

La Pasionaria          
011 - 4729 4266          
NutriBaby Orgánico         


Tallo Verde          
0 800 88 TALLO (2556)            



Mansilla 2740          
011 - 4963 1513          


Bio Almacén            
Humbolt 2199          
011 - 4774 3880          
Clara Aurora          
Ecuador 1171          
011 - 4966 1900         


Escuela Waldorf San Miguel Arcángel      
J.M.Moreno 1221 - Villa Adelina        
011 - 4766 4157          
Escuela Waldorf de Hurlingham Semilla Dorada    
Poeta Risso 2575 - Hurlingham        
011 - 4662 1016          
La Paz 1757 - Martínez          
011 - 4836 1373            


Haus Brot            
Av. Diego Carman 621 - San Isidro y sucursales      
011 - 4763 3330            
Korin Do            
Ciudad de la Paz 754       
011 - 4553 6112            


La Casa de Ohsawa          
Ciudad de la Paz 415/421          
011 - 4553 9330          


La Esquina de las Flores        
Gurruchaga 1630          
011 - 4832 8528          


Mario Levenson          
Tucumán 3622          
011 - 4862 7487          
Natural Deli          
Gorostiaga 1776          
Laprida 1672            
011 - 4822 1228          
011 - 4514 1776            



Humbolt 2199          
011 - 4774 3880            


Buenos Aires Verde          
Gorriti 5657            
011 - 4775 9594            


La Esquina de las Flores        
Gurruchaga 1630          
011 - 4832 8528          


Natural Deli          
Gorostiaga 1776          
Laprida 1672            
011 - 4822 1228          
011 - 4514 1776            


Jorge Newbery 3623          
011 - 4554 7467          


Juncal 2515            
011 - 4822 0310        

Mansilla 2740          
011 - 4963 1513          



Avena & Miel          
Av. Maipu 3490 - Olivos        


Av. Estado de Israel 4784          
011 - 4862 4276          
Casa China          
Arribeños 2257 / 2286          
011 - 4706 0409          
Cuatro Soles          
Juncal 2376            
011 - 4821 8626          
Dame tu mano          
Quesada 5094          
011 - 4541 1024          
Dietética Gentile          
Araoz 390            
011 - 4856 4325          
La casa del sol          
Av. Elcano 3465          
011 - 4555 6020            
La Cocina del Virrey          
Virrey del Pino 2340          
011 - 4788 4034            
La Esquina de las Flores        
Gurruchaga 1630          
011 - 4832 8528         


Av. Córdoba 1577          
011 - 4814 4552          
Cabello 3400            
011 - 4806 0220          
Malabia 2553           
011 - 4832 9735          
Naranja en Flor          
Av. Estado de Israel 4738          
011 - 4864 8893          
Natural Buenos Aires          
Ayacucho 136 5          
011 - 4815 9443          
Rayito de Sol          
Godoy Cruz 2809          
011 - 4773 2722            
Sabores y secretos de la India        
Ciudad de la Paz 1739          
011 - 4783 3424          
Tierra Negra          
Laprida 1129 - San Isidro          
011 - 4783 3424          
Verde Brote          
Juramento 2679          
011 - 4896 2630          
100% natural          
Bulnes 2042            
011 - 4896 2630          



02226 - 431371        
Doña Cuchara – Quesos orgánicos certificados            
Establecimiento “Los Osos” – Ruta 30 y 74 - Tandil
02293 – 432044
011 - 1550222444           


Sentido Común-Tribal Trading        
Pedro Whelan 501 esq. Moreno - Gral. Rodríguez      
0237 - 485 4178            


Escuela Waldorf Clara de Asis        
Independencia Sur 720 - Ing. Maschwitz        
03488 - 443706

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