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  • Vaccinations

Someone heard that the Dept of Health Travel Clinic in San Francisco strongly suggested the Yellow Fever vaccine before going to South America.

Reply: Yellow fever is only a problem in the litoral (Corrientes y Misiones), specifically if you cross to  Brazil through Bernardo de Irigoyen in Misiones or Paso de los Libres in Corrientes. I never heard of YF being a problem in the South, but I may be wrong.

The vaccine is given for free in Buenos Aires, both to Argentinian citizens or foreigners. Just bring your passport. They’ll give you the vaccine and a certificate that says that is good for 10 years. I just called the place and verified this information. Heres the info:

Where: Dirección de Sanidad de Fronteras
Address: Ingeniero Huergo 690
Phone #: 4343-1190.

When to get vaccinated: Mon: 14 to 15hs, Tue, Wed,: 11 to 12hs, Thu, Fri 16 to 17hs.

(You can always make a donation to the hospital, of course.)

Argentina gives free vaccines to anyone, regardless of nationality, for free.

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  • Vegetarian Delivery Meal Service - Cocina Verde
  • From: Kara Bauer, January 5, 2009

Cocina Verde, an online vegetarian delivery meal service


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  • Veterinarian - English Speaking
  • From: Federico Curra Gagliano, July 31, 2009


Mi name is Federico Curra Gagliano and I´m a Veterinarian from Buenos Aires. I do Housecall Veterinary services (English-speaking) in this city and my website is:

. Obviously I also do the same service in Spanish:

    From: Peter J. Macay, October 3.2008

I can highly recommend my vet in Recoleta, Gabriela.  She is amazing, patient, loving, caring, everything a good vet should be.  She also speaks English.  We have been using her for years.  She works out of two offices and her husband is also a vet with different specialties.

Gabriela Guic
Veterninaria Paraná
Parana 1281 (between Arenales and Juncal)

Libertad 1181 (between Arenales and Santa Fe) / 4813-6122

I've recommended her to a few folks on this list and they loved her too.  I know they have a dog bathing area in the Parana office, I'm not sure if they have one in Libertad, I use the Parana office usually since it's nearer my home.

I don't have first hand knowledge of the quality of the dog grooming / bathing, because we just have cats, but everytime we're in the office the dog grooming area is busy.

She usually has someone working the front desk, Christian, who speaks very little English, but you can just ask to speak with Gabriela.  Tell her "Pete and Ron" recommended her to you.

    From: Daniela Melton, March 17, 2009

I recommend Gabriela Guic- she is a good vet and used to be Bug and Fleur's doc till I moved to Belgrano. She has a clinic on Parana 1281 and another on Libertad 1181 - there are dog grooming facilities at the clinics. Tel: 4811-6488

    From: Deby Novitz, May 5, 2007

Someone asked about a vet in the Belgrano/Palermo area.  I highly recommend Clinica Veterinaria Thames on Thames 2394.  The telephone is 4777-4834.  The vets are Ricardo and Alejandra.  They have a vet student Luis who is wonderful as well.  I never spoke English with them.  I know Alejandra does not speak English, Luis speaks passable English and I am not sure about Ricardo.

I had a terrible time with my dog Roxie.  She was very ill.  I went to maybe 6 vets and none of them were helping.  They would try to treat her symptons and when it didn't work they would try to tell me she was fine, it was "just allergies."  

My dog walker Juan found Ricardo.  The end of the story is very happy.  He realized right away she was sick.  He lined up all the necessary tests and a specialist.  She is on the road to recovery.  Ricardo is an animal cardiologist and surgeon as well.  

    From: victoria_anda, August 10, 2006

Re: Please, does anyone know of an english speaking vetenarian in the Acasusso-San Isidro area?

I don´t know if this has been answered but I found these details: 

Phone: 15 5922 0712
Contact: Jim Anderson, BA, NCMG
Bogota 1074, Martinez
Buenos Aires, Province Buenos Aires

Haven´t used them personally but are close to your area.

    From:  Adriane Schulz, Aug 6, 2006

Re: Please, does anyone know of an english speaking vetenarian in the Acasusso-San Isidro area?

Tessie Bisbal
Alvear 407, Martinez (two blocks from the Martinez station)
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mo through Fr.  Sat: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
For emergencies:  1549919992

    From: Daniela Melton, Aug 6, 2006

Call Tessie Bisbal in Martinez- 4798-6745

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  • Virus Scan Software / Freeware / Online computer diagnostics
  • From: Samuel Warde, December 15, 2007

I claim no expertise on knowing what is the best antivirus software.  I do like Avast which I have been using this past year after giving up on Norton myself. It is free, just requiring registration:

I really love ccleaner for getting rid of temporary files, spyware and cleaning your registry.  It is also an easy way to clean up your startup menu as well which speeds your computer up a lot.

Last but not least the brainiacs at microsoft actually have a pretty good online system for working on your computer, but you must be patient as it takes a long time.  I does a full virus scan, looks at your registry, and defrags the computer, and cleans out temporary files....

And here is windows program for scanning for spyware, it has a quick scan and a full scan option:

Here is their malware scan program:

Here are some reviews on antivirus software:,2705,4829,00.asp

    From: jennifer rose, December 16, 2007

kaspersky  Let me toss in my $.02 for Kaspersky.

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  • Volunteer Work / Make a Donation to some terrific organizations that help Argentina

Re: I would like to  find a church, synagogue or foundation that needs some sort of work  done, preferably teaching English (I have taught English  professionally before, and now teach Spanish in the U.S.), but it  would not have to necessarily involve teaching.

    From: Rick Jones, July 3, 2007

The South American Explorers clubhouse, Estados Unidos 577, has a large volunteer database and volunteer coordinator that may be able to help you find what you're looking for.  - click on "clubhouses", then click on "Buenos Aires Clubhouse".

    From: Sugar & Spice, July 3, 2007

I have something that you might like and that it involves English. Reading is Fundamental (RIF from the USA) has a presence here and they are called Leer es Fundamental. They are always in need of volunteers. Here is the link for you to their site: 

What they need is help in translation work from Spanish to English. Sometimes they even need native English speakers to review their already translated documents to get rid of any clutsy or strange sounding sentences and such. 

Best of all you won´t need to shave your head or anything. :-)  You would just be helping in their ultimate goal of developing a love for reading in kids.

Their phone number is 4777-1111

    From: Daphne Hays , November 05, 2007

SACS Needs Volunteers (Send a Child to School)

We plan is to send 1000 children to school this year and need YOUR help.  We have several work days planned for November, a few in December, January and February.   The location for the packing is in the Recoleta area.

By providing basic school materials essential for a successful education we hope to prepare the children to walk proudly into their classrooms, ready for a year of challenge and education.  

Supplies we provide include a backpack, notebooks, paper, pencils, erasers, and even shoes and a lab coat.

Please RSVP to:
Mary Ann Murphy
15 6678 6221

    From: Helge Holler, November 06, 2007

if you're looking for volunteer opportunities just hop on over to or if you're not so good reading spanish

This site has been created with exactly the aim of providing organizations with a place to publish their needs and people to offer assistance as volunteers. Really a great project!

    From the BANewComers list: March 03, 2005

There is a non-profit from the States operating here called Leer es Fundamental (Reading is Fundamental). It is one of America's oldest and largest non-profits. I know the director that operates the Argentine branch of this organization. They are located in Palermo right by the US Embassy. They communicate with the United States all the time so they do need people to help with reports, presentations and letters in English.

Contact Info:
Patricia Mejalelaty
Fundación Leer
Tel./Fax: (54-11) 4777-1111

    • The Banco de alimentos needs volunteers to help sort food that is then delivered to the children that need it. Here is the information, in Spanish:

    • The first person I recommend you contact is Dra. Alejandra Giabbani. She is a pediatrician and the founder of the mambo project, they basically deal with helping out families, in the Benavidez area in Tigre, where the fathers have abused the mothers and/or the children and hence the fathers are either in jail or have restraining orders to stay away from their family. The mothers basically are single moms but can't work either as they have to take care of their kids. Most of the kids suffer from malnutrition and the object of the mambo project, as I understand, is to educate the women so that they can raise healthy children. They also have a comedor where they provide food to these families and also help them with their weekly food rations etc. for more info, you can contact Alejandra via e-mail at . I know they can relaly use any help they can get.
    • The other person I recommend you get in touch with is Victoria Ferrero of the LIFE organization. They have various comedors around in the Matadero area and also hold several classes for the kids and the moms. I'm sure if you got in touch with Victoria at  she could fill you in.
    • Register for free with .  They have volunteer opportunities and tons of other info on their Web site and in their newsletter.  You can also post for free.

    From BANewComers: Bob Hannan August 22, 2005

I have been working as a volunteer at HelpArgentina for 6 months - it is a great organization focused on fund raising for the Argentine non-profit sector.  It is a registered 501(c)(3) in the US so donations are tax deductible to US citizens and is headquartered here in BA.

One of the key aspects of their model is that membership in HelpArgentina's network helps assure donors that the charitable organizations are honest and efficient in addressing their charitable missions. The member organizations have to meet strict efficiency standards for the use of their funds and must also maintain detailed reporting and financial statements. This type of benchmarking and reporting is a significant achievement in the Argentine non-profit sector, which, like the public sector, has been subject to corruption and misallocation of funds in the past. 

For an added reference, the Open Society Institute (George Soros' organization) provides matching grants for donations to HelpArgentina's economic development fund.

I would encourage everyone here to visit the web site and look at the 30 member Argentine nonprofits (31 on Wednesday) and 4 social funds.  Please also pass the web address on to your friends in the US and EU who are interested in supporting the Argentine Social sector.

    From: Cherie Magnus January 31, 2006

Donating used Clothing

I work at the Roparia of St John's Anglican Cathedral close to the Plaza de Mayo (25 de Mayo 282) downtown, and we are always in need of clothing for the street people who come in to do their free shopping.  They can shop for free for one new outfit every 2 months.  There is a women's group on Wednesdays. They are clean and well-mannered, many of them young, and sometimes the only thing between them and a job is some decent clothes. Shopping for an outfit in our "boutique" is probably the only opportunity they have to be waited on politely and to select things that they like. We especially need men's clothing.

There is also a need for volunteers in the kitchen as we have a daily

There is also a Cafe Artesenal every few months, where we sell books and handicrafts.  For more information, please contact the church office: St. John's - 4342-4618 

Donations of used clothing for the roparia and books are gratefully accepted.

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  • Vonage - Phone Service that runs over a Broadband Connection
  • From: Andy Watkins, August 19, 2006

I used vonage when I first came to Argentina and it worked well for me. I have not found it to be any diffrent with the many internet providers in this country the main diffrence between them being there customer service.

    From:, August 19, 2006

IF anyone's curious, Vonage has been excellent, for me.. couldn't be happier with them & use the phone extensively.  Have a toll-free number for calls from the US, too. All works well and I can manage call forwarding etc.. should I want to receive the calls regularly intended for me here, up there in the US, when I am there sometimes.  All in all, has been just great.. if anyone's curious.

    From: twin_tri, August 19, 2006

the original poster to this thread asked if vonage would work with adsl. my response, from my experience only, is: no! with cable, such as fibertel, i've had good experiences with vonage. has anyone had good experiences with adsl and vonage?

    From: rshpuntoff, August 19, 2006

I use Vonage here with no problems on Arnet. Though to use the Vonage router / modem you need to either buy a more expensive business internet connection or for the cheaper plan you have to reconfigure your router so that it is fed from another modem, basically so that the company doesn't know you are using it to connect to more than just a single computer. If you do get cable TV though and use a cable connection you will have better, more consistent phone reception.

    From: Deby Novitz, August 20, 2006

I have Vonage and have used it for 2 years here.  At first with Fibertel and now with Arnet.  From a technical standpoint Cable does not send packets consistently in the manner of DSL.   If you need absolute consistent quality then you should install DSL.  Cable at times due to the redundancy of the packets tends to give more echo and slower duplexing. (the act of sending voice back and forth at the same time)

If you are using your line just to keep in touch with friends back in the states, don't need to use it all the time, Fibertel is fine.  With DSL my line is much clearer and I never experience echoing.  At times the duplex is slower but this is a fault of VOIP technology and not the line.

    From: Andy Watkins, August 20, 2006

There are a number of service's that give you the ability to have a US number ring in Argentina or any were else in the world as long as you have Internet. There a 2 real types at the moment the first is services like vonage and packet8 etc which supply you with a box that you connect your phone to and works in a network with your computer. The second type is a "soft" phone. This is a piece of software on your computer and you use with a normal computer head set. Companies offering this service are people like Skype, Yahoo, etc.Costs of these services are very reasonable all you have to do is find the option that suits you best.

I run a small call centre here supplying support to an american Company and although we dont use vonage anymore when we started we had upto 3 vonage phones running on a ADSL line with out a problem and this includes computers running VNC connections to clients computers at the same time. There are facters that can effect this so not everyones expierence will be the same. I for instants am in Rosario and I find that a lot of problems people get in BA I do not get here. 

    From BANewcomers: rshpuntoff August 8, 2005

It´s a broadband phone service, that is (and anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong as I am not a techie type), a phone service that runs over a broadband connection.

It´s disadvantage is that the connection can be bad when there is a lot of internet traffic and if your broadband provider is having a bad day so is your phone service,BUT ... the advantage is that you can in
effect have a U.S. number located anywhere you have a computer that is configured to your connection.  So, someone in California, for example, will dial your Vonage number that may have a New York area code and it will ring wherever you set up your connection: e.g. Buenos Aires.

In the case of Vonage they pretty much supply you with everything you need and you can just plug it in and it works.  I´m not giving it rave reviews but it does the trick in my case

    From BANewcomers: Diego Basch August 8, 2005

If you have the same Vonage router that I have (Linksys RT31P2), then all you need is a cheap 50w transformer, which you can buy here for $5 - $8 US. The difference in frequency doesn't affect the power supply, all it does is convert 120 vac into 12 vdc.

    From BANewcomers: rshpuntoff August 8, 2005

i use vonage though my broadband provider here is uolsinectis ... if you don´t mind spending the extra i would get a 512 connection

be aware: if you´re connection is adsl you will need to get an intermediate modem that you can send the adsl cable into and send out an ethernet cable ... i use a zyxel 645

you can pick up a reliable converter (transformadora) at most hardware shops ... the router doesn´t need that much power, but i bought a 150W and run it into a power strip so that i can power a few things of mine that use 110 volts / 60 hz ... i picked it up in downtown on la calle paraná, i belive the 200 block, at a pretty well known place called "la casa de transformadoras" (i believe that is the name, but if i am wrong it is

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