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  • Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • From: Eliza JaneC, December 18, 2009

Re: Traveling to Bolivia which requires a yellow fever vaccination.

In case this is useful to anyone else- the yellow fever vaccination seems to be given for free at a clinic in Puerto Madero:
Av. Ingeniero Huergo 690, Buenos Aires. Mon to Fri, 10 am - 3 pm.

to answer Javier's question "why you want to skip the vaccination?" I'm not traveling to the areas of Bolivia (low jungle country in the east) where Yellow Fever is a problem, I'm traveling in the high altiplano where there is little threat of yellow fever. I've heard that nobody ever asks for proof of vaccination, and I thought I'd just as soon avoid an unnecessary and unpleasant vaccination. However after more research it sounds like it's really not a big deal and I guess it's better to be safe and just get it done.

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  • Yellow Pages / Telephone Book / Telefonica
  • From: Peter J. Macay, December, 11, 2006 

    From: Frances Perry, September 05, 2006

A good place to start is the on-line telephone directory. .  It covers the entire country.  Most people are listed as there isn’t much of a problem with telemarketing here.  Only drawback is if he is renting as telephones tend to be under the landowner’s name.

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  • Yoga and Wellness Retreat - Estancia La Oriental, located in Junin
  • From: Kara Bauer, January 5, 2009

I have partnered up with a great yoga instructor, Ivy Markaity, to offer a luxury wellness & yoga retreat at Estancia La Oriental February 19-21.
You can learn more about the retreat and sign-up at


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  • Yoga Classes
  • From: Kent, December 2, 2009

As a tango dancer I appreciate the benefits of yoga and wanted to introduce you all to the classes of a highly qualified yoga instructor, Maite Indaburu. She speaks excellent English and translates everything so that you don't get confused with what you are being asked to do.

Maite has been practicing Yoga for seven years. She specializes in the Iyengar and Anusara methods and has studied with different teachers in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Berlin y Paris. During her classes she focuses on different sequences of Asanas(postures) that develop strength, flexibility and balance. Classes start with soft stretching, continue with more intense exercises and end with pranayama(breathing) and relaxation techniques.

No previous experience is needed. Classes are $25 pesos, held Monday and Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12.00 AM. at Gorriti 3780.

Maite also offers classes in Belgrano and does occasional weekend workshops in and around Buenos Aires. In addition she is a trained massage therapist with excellent skill level. I've had several sessions and I highly recommend her.

For more info. please contact her directly at:

Her cell number is: 15.5644.0341

    From: Pataninba, May 3, 2007

hi ambi, try the fundacion indra devi, they have variuos places all over the  city. . i've taken a few classes  w/ them in belgrano and some are not just "stretches for the  elderly". i'm more into advanced hatha, though.

Ive heard (from reliable resources) that HASTINAPURA is a great  place. Im actually about to start there next week. 

    From: Ginger Gentile, July 2, 2007

sorry it took me so long, but there is a great place in san telmo, piedras 600s, called THAI YOGA. small classes, real good yoga that is powerful without being power yoga. peaceful place. ) I donīt have their info on me but i think on estados unidos 600s there were posters hanging up advertising them. or ask around san telmo.  the only thing is that before you go ask for clear direcctions on how to get rung up, its a bit confusing if i remember correctly.  they also do thai massage, which iīve never done with them, but considering that they are great instructors, it is probably a great massage. 

I found their contact info

(hatha and asthanga yoga, thai massage, classes in thai massage, etc)
4551 5298

class size is limited to 7 so you need to call or email (i suggest calling), located in piedras 600s

    From: Dana Depp, July 2, 2007

Hi...this is a little off topic, but for anyone interested in the history of youga, this is a good little online version of a Yoga Journal article on the development of what we know today as yoga from a fusion of British gymnastics and Indian wrestling exercises.  Meanwhile, my shoulder injuries have turned me into a practioner of Vinyasa style yoga. Good-bye Ashtanga ;(

Sorry, here's the link I forgot!  I enjoy the historical debate about the origins of tango and this is an insightful article about yoga's "pedigree".

    From Cheryl Delaney December 16, 2005

Cheryl Delaney - Yoga classes and Thai Massage
New York yoga instructor with over 4 years teaching experience offers group classes in Palermo and private classes in the comfort of your home. Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga-all levels welcome. 
Call or write for more info, recommendations, or to make an appointment:
15-5610-1272 -

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